Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Raising case was never simple !!

Taking care of a claim case is a most testing errand for each insurance agency . Claim option is best securing instrument for client and they remember its values while making a protection speculation specially insurance investment . There are no thumb guideline which choose claim count , It ought to be managed remembering different components like previous items – lifestyle , Material fact disclosure , Policy Plan scope – Limits , lifestyle of protected individual. Customer requirement to fill case structure and submit Policy bond and supporting archives for case handling .

In the event that at any stage if get declined customer will be implied by issuing a composed note by parent company . Basic venture to accompany claim case methodology is , Submit all reports like demise and event release rundown and approach claim team for all the implication . Rest will be taken mind by insurance agencies . Insurance agencies are under scanner BY IRDA specially for claim case settlement. 

For settling a case guarantor organization consider numerous thing that incorporates life stage profile of individual, Danger dependents , disposable salary and liabilities must be set out on while making case computation . Assurance against life not just means secure from passing it need to satisfy different prerequisites like riches creation and losing an appendage or serving a family if there should arise an occurrence of fiscal misfortune.

In this manner we have taken an activity to transform your case harass free experience into charmed one . we will take all the ache for archive gathering, document collection, catch up with insurance companies and get choice organized you .

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

I Sure could have used life insurance .

Everyone knew importance of "life insurance" but most of people take when they face some disaster in their life. Some people get scared when they think of life insurance as it shows you the real picture of life.

Imagine a life of lady she is busy in house decoration to celebrate husband birthday party in the evening. She is lost in her own world ,Singing favorite old song, cake baking smell is all over in the house and suddenly she gets call from her husband Saying the right engine of his plane was on fire .Few minute later he Calls again and, saying the engine had broken off and he was in downward Spiral.  Those were the last words she heard from husband and later news Channel confirms that plane is damaged and destroyed.

It was afternoon and Party spirit was high as group of friends and relative from across the city about to reach to celebrate the birthday in the evening. 
She rushed to the hospital where government official took husband for treatment. Later part of the Evening when they were supposed to celebrate birthday, her husband was declared dead as a result of severe brain injury.

Tell me about your life Mumma, she heard kids voice transporting her into the present. It’s been 6 month and she can still recall the horrific day.

The thing is, life went on and she has many happy memories with her husband. She remembers her husband asking for coffee two three times in a day. She remembers the trip to various Pre schools for their toddler admission inquiries.She remembers walking hand in hand at their favorite beach destination. She remembers her husband taping number into desk laptop working till late night. She remembers celebrating diwali and other festival with homemade sweets.

All these things and memories are difficult to pursue now with kids as they have not invested in life insurance. She wish she would have known to start the Insurance process when it was the time when they got married.

Now her kids are going school and she surely knows where she needs to invest. She touched her hand gently to kids forehead as she smiles which comes with not having lost hope .

Most likely she will consider Child and life Plan's for family .

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Life after Retierment !!

Life after retirement 

You will surely going to miss your salary message end of every month .Source of income is stopped and no more fund addition in bank salary account .You need to look elsewhere for side incomes to beat inflation.

But what will you do as you have always worked at senior level enjoying luxury of  position and authority. You feel outsider as entire work culture is been changed and earned experience will not add value in new commercial world . Possibly you may have to work under someone who is in late 30 .You will be asked to learn all the IT gadgets and Technical terminology. Which is surely not your area of interest as you like simplicity of work and prefer typewriter instead of tablet . Prefer notebook over word pad .

You might have imagined a soothing retirement . You would like to experienced all the moments which got missed in life . A trip to village which includes all the small moments like afternoon nap under the shade of tree .Evening Arti at temple near the bank of river .Teaching swimming to grandchildren in pond instead of swimming pool . Catching fish from the river .Morning walks in farmhouse open green park .Yoga near the Ghats and Long chat session with old buddies. 

To lead this tension free life you may not have to work part time in non suitable profile

What you need is Better retirement planning . Retire from work, but not from life. Retirement planning is never too late though ideal if you start it at very young age. Retirement is the ultimate reality that happens to a working professional and it should be the most enjoyable phase of an individual. Effective retirement planning gives individual a benefit to retain their financial independence even after their work life. Thus, retirement planning is as important as your education and marriage. We must understand that future largely depends on the choices that we make today. An individual will be able to maintain high standards of living with the help of effective retirement planning.

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Monday, 22 July 2013


An act of god refers to natural catastrophe that cant be measured such as Flood, Earthquakes, Storm, Tsunami .

As a Policy owner one should be knowing all the terms & condition of the policy . 
Earthquakes , Natural calamities, Flood are few example of Act of God . As a human we can only calculate high risk areas but these disaster are beyond human control .
UTTARAKHAND flood crisis is recent example of Act of God .

One should always check with insurer entire benefits attached in policy. Proper check required on Policy Sum assured , Policy Coverage, Policy benefits. In other word if you die during an natural calamities,the life insurance policy will pay the death benefit . And if you get hospitalized your health policy will pay .

You don't have control on Natural disasters but you have control on what to buy and when to buy . 
So buy life insurance plan today and secured your future from all the worries .

Be insured Be happy !!


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Needing better motor insurance

Imagine you are driving along a national highway. It is night time and there are no street lights. You are far off in the country and on your way to a major city. The air is crisp and the headlights lead your way.

From the opposite direction, you see a bright pair of headlights come around a corner. The headlights have the high beam on. In the car you are sitting in, the lights come straight into your eyes. You can’t see anything but white light for a while.

Suddenly, you feel a lurching sensation and you feel your stomach drop out from under you. Your head starts to fly forward towards the dashboard and before you know it, you hear the sickening sound of metal being bent and crushed. When you stop moving, you realize what has happened. You have had an accident.  There was nothing you could have done to stop this from happening. It was simply unfortunate but maybe there is a bright side here. You walk away from the damaged car unscathed and can also rest easy knowing that your car is insured.

In the event of any injury incurred, it also helps to have health insurance to cover any accidental damage to yourself. But if you don’t have health and vehicular insurance, you could see bills running very high. These bills could be from the hospital and from your mechanic. But these bills don’t have to run this high and there is the worry of having to pay them all when you might be in a condition that makes it impossible to handle any of these costs.

Insurance is there for such cases. Life is unpredictable and sometimes through no fault of yours, you could see heavy bills and problems for your family arise but when you are well insured, that stops being a problem. Insurance is a clever way to make your income work for your well being. Because everybody does not need the same insurance, there are various types of insurance eg. For vehicles only liability or third party insurance is mandatory but if no third party incurs any damage, then it is only you who will pay in such an accident case and it would be better to get a more comprehensive policy

This why we say that you should be smart about insurance. Come talk to us through www.insurancebazar.in for help with all insurance questions you might have.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Understanding the need and definitions behind Health Insurance

If you have anybody at home who has health risks, you will know that having a health insurance is the responsible thing to do. Take the case of this family: It is a family of 6 living in one house. The family consists of maternal grandparents, a mother, a father and their two children aged 12 and 15. The family only has one car and only the father knows how to drive. Suddenly, the grandfather falls ill and the father is away on business.

It falls to the grandmother, mother and children to pay the cost of the ambulance and admitting him to the hospital. But where is the money to come from if the husband has all the financial control and the grandfather has his finances limited by his access to it i.e his health? In a case like this, it is best to have a health insurance that offers a cashless facility and covers the ambulance cost. In this case, the family had all these facilities in place so the father could continue his business and the grandfather went on to live another 12 years that doctors said would not have been possible.

So how do you know if health insurance is something that you need? Our friends at Bajaj Allianz have given us a wonderful breakdown of everything you need to know about health insurance. The full article is below.

It’s not enough to just get a health insurance policy. It is also important to know what the different terms in the policy mean and what they do for you. Let’s start with some of the basic terms that you must know about:

  • Sum Insured – This is the amount of cover that one can opt for and the maximum amount up to which the insured can get benefits in the event of a claim during a single policy year. 
  • Premium – This is the amount paid to the insurance company when you purchase a health insurance policy. The premium to a great extent depends on the sum insured you have chosen. 
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses – Health policies compensate you for expenses that you would incur prior to getting hospitalized for a treatment, as well as for the recovery treatment post being discharged. 
  • Deductible – This is a fixed amount which the insured needs to first bear for each claim. The insurance company’s liability starts over and above this amount. 
  • Ambulance Charges – This additional benefit compensates you for the charges that you incur when availing an ambulance service in case of an emergency to take the patient from home to the hospital or from one hospital to another. 
  • Day-Care procedures – Certain surgical procedures do not require 24 hours of hospitalisation (the basic requirement when one needs to avail a health insurance claim for treatment). These are called day-care procedures. 
  • Network Hospitals – Insurance companies tied up with hospitals provide better medical services to their customers during their time of need. These networked hospitals allow you to avail cashless facility. It is necessary that the insurance company is informed of the hospitalisation so that they can authorize the hospital to not charge the customer. 
  • In-House Claims Team v/s TPA – The insurance company’s own claim settlement team is called an in-house claims team, while TPA refers to outsourced claims team. An in-house claims team enables the insurance company to directly deal with health insurance claims and provide the customer better service. 

Bajaj Allianz also provides additional benefits. These are called Value Added Services, and are generally meant to help customers enjoy a healthier lifestyle overall by providing discounts on OPDs, medicines, glasses and lenses, gym memberships, etc.

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